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Tina Price-Johnson (she/they) spent 10 years managing the private Wills and Powers of Attorney department at Cunningham Blake Solicitors. After the partners retired and the firm closed, Tina made the decision to start her own business, with the intent of helping those people whose chosen family is not protected under law if they don’t have a Will, a Power of Attorney, or an Advance Healthcare Directive in place. It is important to Tina to obtain those safety measures on behalf of the loved ones of her clients. In particular she wishes to serve the LGBTQIAP+ community.

Tina is currently shielding and is unable to take appointments in person. All appointments will be online and via telephone at present.

Tina is an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Paralegals.

Membership number: 210276

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I am more than satisfied with the timely and efficient service I received – J.P.

You were helpful and courteous throughout – excellent service especially at such a difficult time. Thank you, Tina – C.G. & C.G.

Tina was fantastic from start to finish. She was extremely professional and patient throughout, including when we were slow to respond, and we felt very confident that we were getting the best advice – L.V. & S.V.

Tina spent a lot of time going through the documentation for the Powers of Attorney with me over the phone, as we weren’t able to meet due to Covid restrictions – she was very helpful indeed – J.K.

I… found everything very satisfactory – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service. Your explanations were very helpful indeed, and I much appreciated your attention to all the details of the Will – S.F.

PRICE STRUCTURE: – all flat fees, no hourly rates or disbursement. What you see is what you pay.

WILLS – your instruction will include basic inheritance tax advice for estate planning.

Individual – £120

Partner – £220

Three member polycule – £350

Four member polycule – £450

Five members or more – £140 per person

Prices reflect the increasing level of complications which arise the more individuals there are in a polycule, and therefore the time to be spent on ensuring your wishes cover all eventualities.

POWERS OF ATTORNEY  – price per individual person

Financial Affairs Power of Attorney only – £180

Health & Welfare Power of Attorney only – £180

Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare Power of Attorney jointly – £350

If you choose to register your Powers of Attorney at time of signing, the fee is £82 per Power and is paid directly to the Office of the Public Guardian.


If you have made a gift to someone during your lifetime, there is a possibility it may become subject to inheritance tax or dispute amongst your beneficiaries after you pass away. To avoid this, you may wish to create a Deed of Gift, to confirm the gift made, and how you wish it to be treated upon your death.

Individual Deed – £150


How to let your medical professionals, caregivers and loved ones know what you would wish to happen should you be taken ill, require a care facility, or need to employ people to help with your future needs.

Individual, basic directive – £100

Individual, complex directive – £150

Partners, basic directive – £170

Partners, complex directive – £320

Three- or four-member polycule, basic directive – £400

Five people or more members, complex directive – £150 per individual

Prices reflect the time spent and complicated nature of the documentation to be created.



mobile: 07360 614 798

Appointment Times

Closed on public holidays
Appointments outside hours may be arranged where possible.